On our farm for sale fjords we have a two year old filly off Lyst and Kirsten.  Yearling stud colt off Lyst an Kirsten and two yearling fillies off Lyst, Siri and Nina.  These fjords at this time are all spoken for, but check back for more info if for some reason they don't go to their prospective buyers.

We expect our first foals coming next week so stay tuned for pictures and info.



​     Elk and Elk Products for sale

Fjords for Sale at Lost Trail Ranch
Lost Trail Ranch
Norweigan Fjord Horses and Alberta Elk

For Sale
Here at Lost Trail Ranch we try our best to be knowledgable about what we sell.  We have included a few links to websites that we feel will give extra reading to those interested.  We include our animals and the other products that we sell as part of our daily lifestyle, so are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  We have a wide array of sale animals, so please continue to the bottom of the page to view all.  There's bound to be something of interest!
You are welcome to visit our farm

​We currently have no barnyard critters for sale.  Time has taken our sweet Sugar doll and Tumbleweed.  Tumbleweeds productive years ended many years ago so he lived contented life as an old miniature stallion until the fall of 2018.  We still have Babe- mother to some of the greatest miniatures out there and our barnyard still boasts some of the offspring from Tumbleweed.  A couple goats make their home here and we still have two of our original miniature donkeys.  I guess a bit of a retirement home for some of them.  An easy life being enjoyed here on our farm

Tragically we lost Wildfire to WestNile in 2017.  I have written an article that was published in the Canadian Fjord horse magazine to let others know of the risks the serious disease pose. Please click on the link below to read the article.

Barnyard Critters For Sale.
EVA capsules stengthen the immune system, providing nutritional support for joint structure and funtion, including inflamation conditions. It improves athletic performance and muscle endurance. Pet EVA is a healthy natural way to keep your animal companions active, happy and free of pain. Elk powder is awesome for healing wounds in horses.  
for more info check out www.evaalberta.com
We sell Elk Velvet Capsules and Powder-Natures Perfect Health Supplement
Our Elk Velvet is made from our own Top Quality Raised Freeze DriedVelvet.  Manufactured by Royal Elk Products Ltd.  We have our NPN 
60- 280mg capsules-$30.00 +gst
100gr tubs pure Canadian freeze dried Elk Powder $70.00 +gst
  We have Bloodlines including Barracuda, Padrone, Maverick GrandCree,TallCree and Canadian Elevation. Calves are available to purchase.  Our herd is Certified

Thats all folks!!!  Thanks for stopping in!!