Anvil's Lyst

May 28, 2003
Lyst has been our herdsire since 2014 and we 
have been very impressed with the quality of his foals. 
 He passes along his pretty head, great conformation
and his great temperament

Our Broodmares

Carols' Torrell
CFHA reg #960
born May 20 1992
Torrell is one of our foundation mares. 
Her great temperment  has led to some of our finest foals.
We've had the pleasure of keeping an exceptional filly from her 
and Lyst.  Lost Trails Addy will stay on our farm

Marceus Kirsten
CFHA reg #1550
born June 8, 1996
Kirsten has given us some outstanding foals
Since acquiring Lyst we have had a couple Red Dun foals off 
Kirsten.  Absolutely beautiful!  We also have the pleasure of 
choosing to keep one of them, Lost Trails Elsa on our farm

Lost Trails Autumn Anna
CFHA reg #2664
born Sept 22, 2003
Anna was a fall baby, but with her contented momma Freya 
looking after her, fared well through her first winter. 
 She was named after a dear friend, a sweet Norweigan lady, 
who was one of our original Fjord buyers who passed away
 around the time of Annas birth. When Anna had her first 
foal in the  summer of 2007, a quality looking fellow, 
she looked after him, plus added the role of surrogate
 mother to her half-brother, Freyas little stud colt, 
after a tragic lightning strike took our Freya 


​Lost Trails Nina
CFHA reg #2771
Nina is a daughter of Sigrud and Jim.  We have used her
as a broodmare for a number of years now and are always 
pleased with her beautiful high quality foals.

Lost Trails Siri
Siri is a full sister to Nina.  Her foals are exceptionally
easy to train with so much style and good looks.  My dream
is to keep a filly off Siri for myself someday.

Our Fjords around the farm

Lost Trails Neisha
born June 15, 1999
Neisha is my friend.  She is who I take to safely do
 whatever I want to on a horse.  She has taken me
 up mountain trails, across rivers and through bush.
 Days we want to use the cart, Neisha is ready to be
 hooked up to go.  Her versatility is just an example
 of what Fjords can do.  Neisha is a little smaller 
and more compact than a lot of our Fjords, very classy
 looking.  She is out of our  old broodmare Sigrud.

Lost Trails Alynna
CFHA #2159

born June 12,  2000   
Alynna has been a gem to us.   

 She  has been to 
the mountains and showed her confidence in her rider 
by agreeing to the rock pose. She is everyones friend, 
and her easy going personality has led to her being rode by 
The last few years she has excelled by being driven on the 
meadow brook cart.  This little mare can go anywhere,
strong and trustworthy.  she's a favourite to give rides to 
kindergarten children, grandchildren and to enjoy romantic 
moonlight drives with down our beautiful backroad

Lost Trails Hanne
born May 24, 2002
Hanne has as much personality as our sweet friend 
Hanne from Norway that we love so much!!  

She started her training as a youngster, not minding packs 
and tarps one bit. 
We now mainly use her as our go to team with Grete. They 
are quiet, solid and strong.

         Hanne on the right Grete on the left

Lost Trails Grete
CFHA reg #2977
 born May 30, 2006
Grete is a a tall elegant Fjord, and has an exceptional personality
I would have to describe her as sweet and willing.  This mare is a 
pleasure to be around.  We are presently driving her as a 
team with Hanne, but we have ridden her also.  She is a true Gem

​Lost Trails Arne
CFHA reg #3077
May 15, 2007

Arne- the big fjord gelding.  Arne was the orphan raised by
his sister when his mother was tragically struck by lightning.
He's had a pretty easy life here on the farm.  He's been
to the mountains and was part of an epic Yahatinda Elk
Hunt, leaving us with stories to tell!  

Lost Trails Elsa
CFHA reg #3439
June 15, 2015

Elsa -Our first Red Dun!  Such a surprise!  Some of our
favourite go to horses are getting up in age so
we gave ourselves the opportunity to keep this beauty 
for ourselves.  Ellie's formal training will start this 
year.  We are looking forward to working with her

Lost Trails Addy
June 19, 2016

We couldn't miss out on the opportunity to keep this filly 
off Torrell.  Torrell has been famous for producing colts
for us so when we finally got a filly and with Torrells age
knowing this could be her last we didn't have to think long 
about it.  Our sweet Alynna at 19 now is a good representation 
of Torrells foals.  We are looking forward to Addy

No longer with us

​Johnstones Patrick
May 12, 1993
Patrick was our herdsire for a number of years, producing 
big, strong fjords.  There a a number of good quality teams 
in the country that were sired by Patrick.  His son Lost  Trails Ace 
is herdsire at Whiska Creek Fjords

Mid's Jim 
CFHA # 1066
born May 29, 1993
Jim brought a whole new meaning of being a stallion 
owner to us from what we know of a lot of breeds. 
He had such an easy going personality, and sired some
 exceptional foals for us.  It was with the sad reality
 of a business decision that we decided to replace him,
 enabling us to carry on his fine genetics  through his 

CFHA # 149
born May 1, 1981
Sigrud was an amazing mare.  She could out pull any
 her round condition , all the while being in foal.   
There are many good Fjords out there that have 
decended from her.  At 25, we decided to retire 
her as broodmare, and were lucky enough to 
find the perfect retirement home.  She went to a 
home where she was looked after daily, regular 
vet/teeth work done by  knowledgable responsible
 people, and the best ever she was being used and 
was happy!!  She  helped a young girl overcome 
her fear of horses, and is even won a few red
 ribbons at 4-H

Tribute to our beautiful Freya

Lost Trails Freya
CFHA #1769
born June 15, 1997/died July, 2007
Freya came to us as the unnamed baby in our initial
purchase of Norwegian Fjord horses.  Through her we 
had our first experience of how rewarding it can be
to be around Fjord foals.  Their curiosity and willling 
temperments are above many.  Freya grew to be a very
large mare, raising exceptional foals.  She was one of 
the mothers.  The sadness to lose a horse that when 
you've gone out to see her your whole being is caught
up in the loving nature she holds for her foals,
still makes me cry.  Freya was the victim of a 
lightning strike.  We are thankful she did not suffer
and that our tragedy was not greater.

Our Fjords